The finest case for your JUUL®

No more losing, washing, or forgetting your most valuable possession


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Made for JUUL Users by JUUL users

We made this product for ourselves after JUUL freed us from cigarettes for good. BUUK has been tested in back pockets, purses, backpacks, and been to Coachella and back. It's versatile and tough, but gentle on the goods. 

Keep it Together

If you've had a JUUL for a while, chances are it's not your first one. If you're a new JUUL user, you can thank us ahead of time :)

  • Genuine leather

    We've spared no expense. Party till the cows come home – in your pocket (K no more cow jokes)

  • Magnets

    No whammies. Magnets keep your charger and JUUL stick secure, and the cover closes tight like a tiger

  • Snug Fit

    After trying everything under the sun we discovered neoprene worked best (from an old wetsuit). Don't worry – yours isn't from the wetsuit.


Q: So what's the BUUK made of?

A: Glad you asked. It's genuine leather, with a plastic tray, magnets, neoprene bumpers, and a felt liner. 

Q: Does the BUUK come with a JUUL, pods, and a charger?

A: No – it's just the carrying case for all of those pieces.

Q: Does the BUUK charge the JUUL?

A: No, but great idea...

Q: Can I hold my family jewels in the BUUK along with the JUUL?

A:  We do not recommend that, but you do you.

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